Let’s talk briefly about how gay Hallie was for tie-dye tomboy with the cool hair.


haha omg i mentioned that sexuality is complicated and got “lol. I see. have you explored?” in response.

gonna drag this convo on just to get some A+ straightwhiteboystexting material

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Thanks @danwootton for nominating me for the #als #icebucketchallenge over to you @nicholasgrimshaw @abbeyclancyofficial (x)

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lol oh god i was at this party last night that my friend threw and i hung out with a guy there for awhile and now he’s messaging me on fb saying he didn’t know it would be “a gay party” and ~casually~ asking me if i’m gay. straight boys, man. straight boys.

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Here’s Looking @ U by AnimalExplorer on Flickr.


Here’s Looking @ U by AnimalExplorer on Flickr.

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Anal eyes analyze anal lies

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nick + tumblr text posts

see also: harry + bad jokes + tumblr text posts

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Photos Of Animals And Their Parents That Will Melt Your Heart

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a series of stupidly gorgeous collections
rohit bal india bridal fashion week 2013 | PART 1: ladieswear

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